AWM Potatoes supply an extensive range of fresh potato produce.  Listed below are some of the most popular products in our range.


Graded baking potatoes

We sell washed, computerised weight graded potatoes, sized to your specification with accurate tolerances.


Washed and graded mids

We are able to supply our washed and graded mids in a selection of pack sizes and varieties specifically for the catering, processing and retail industry.


Wholesale potatoes

With our large tonnage of best quality own grown potatoes and on site long term storage facilities, we are also able to sell in volume to other processors, packers and wholesalers. We supply all of the UK wholesale fruit and vegetable markets with a daily delivery of fresh produce.


Salad potatoes

We can supply specialist salad potatoes to the catering industry, washed, packed and ready for re-distribution to commercial kitchens.


Processing potatoes

We specialise in supplying a range of potato varieties, shapes & sizes for all processing requirements from peeling potatoes to bespoke products eg potato skins and chateau potatoes.


Potatoes for export

We have an in depth knowledge in providing potatoes overseas no matter where you are in the world. Currently we supply Africa, The Canaries, Europe and Scandinavia with a wide range of potato products. Please contact our Sales Office for more information